Patient Educator

The purpose of the Patient Educator is to navigate patients throughout the treatment process. Services offered are:

  • Greet patients prior to their beginning radiation treatment planning

  • Explain the planning process

  • Explain step by step what the patient should expect to happen once they return for treatment

  • Distribute information about the Department of Radiation Oncology

  • Distribute and discusses information about the patient's specific treatment course

  • Inform patients of the resources that are available to them and puts the patient in contact with those resources if they desire

  • Ensure the patient has all the information they need in order to easily contact radiation oncology staff

  • Answer questions and addresses concerns of the patients prior to their beginning treatment

  • Help the patient navigate their way through the radiation oncology treatment process

Contact Information

Wendy Covington
Patient Educator
Phone: 919-668-3031