Current Residents

From left to right: Yawei Zhang, Hao Gao, Chunhao Wang, and Yang Sheng

1st year Residents (2017-2019)

Yawei Zhang: “I like the research opportunities and the clinical practice the program provides to us. It's been such a great environment, people look out for you. The environment at Duke Clinics prepares me for all aspects of clinical medical physics practice, and it definitely will make me an excellent physicist.”

Yang Sheng: “The thing I like the most about the program is that we have good mentor-mentee relation. We can learn a lot from rotation supervisors. In addition, we have plenty amount of equipment/procedures. After each rotation, I believe we can be independent to practice in the future.”


2nd year Residents (2016-2018)

Chunhao Wang: “DUMC medical physics residency program (therapy) is an excellent program. It is highly clinical-focused program with well-designed rotation scheme with a wide-range practice, state-of-art equipment and techniques, outstanding faculty members and friendly working environment. I feel confident that the 2-yr clinical training will make me prepared for clinical physicist jobs in academic hospitals.”

Hao Gao: “Duke Medical Physics has always been a field leader in clinical standards and research innovations. And I have learned a lot by being in a place that continually demands excellence while still allowing a healthy and positive work environment. The comprehensive clinical training including linac commissioning, 3D/IMRT/VMAT, SBRT/SRS, TSI/TBI, and brachytherapy; and exciting research environment covering a full spectrum of medical physics, including imaging, inverse planning, and radiomics, will prepare me to be an excellent physicist.”