Bridget Fey Koontz

Clinical: Board-certified in radiation treatment for all cancer locations/types.

Research: The long-term goal of Dr. Koontz’s research is to minimize treatment-related side effects of radiotherapy.  To that end she has a laboratory studying the mechanisms of radiation induced erectile dysfunction and testing interventions to treat and prevent this devastating side effect of radiotherapy.  Her clinical research investigates optimizing prostate cancer treatment and utilizes collaborations with colleagues in surgery and psychiatry to pursue further understanding of how sexual dysfunction develops after radiotherapy and how to improve patient-provider interactions regarding the sexuality and intimacy consequences of cancer therapy.Off

Appointments and Affiliations

Butler Harris Assistant Professor in Radiation Oncology,
Assistant Professor of Radiation Oncology
Member of the Duke Cancer Institute
Associate Professor of Radiation Oncology, with tenure
July, 2018

Contact Information

(919) 668-5213


Internship,, University of North Carolina At Chapel Hill School of Medicine 2002 - 3003
Residency Training, Radiation Oncology, Duke University School of Medicine 2003 - 2007
M.D., Harvard University 2002