Duke Residents

From left to right: Neville Eclov, Jiahan Zhang, Laza Rakotondravohitra, and Yana Zlateva

1st year Residents (2019-2021)

Yana Zlateva

Laza  Rakotondravohitra


2nd year Residents (2018-2020)

Neville Eclov: “I’ve really enjoyed my experience in the Duke residency program. You can feel the time and effort the physicists here invest in us, growing our expertise with guided hands-on experience while giving us the freedom to develop as independent physicists. After 2 years working through a comprehensive rotation schedule that includes everything from SRS/SBRT planning, imaging physics, and brachytherapy to linac commissioning, novel TSI/TBI procedures and more, I know I will be well-prepared to practice physics at any clinic in the country.”

Jiahan Zhang: “Duke University Medical Physics Residency Program offers residents rigorous clinical training and abundant research opportunities. As a resident, I am getting terrific mentoring from experienced physicists on numerous clinical-relevant topics. I appreciate the thoughts and efforts our physicists collectively put in to prepare us for our future physicist jobs. I believe the experience here will sufficiently prepare residents for future physicist roles in terms of both research achievements and clinical involvement.”