Scholarly Activities

Duke Radiation Oncology encourages resident scholarly pursuits in areas of their choosing. Traditional Track Residents spend PGY-3 assigned to Scholarly Activity. Radiation Oncology Research Scholar Residents will spend 21 months assigned to Scholarly Activity. During their dedicated Scholarly Activity time, Residents have the freedom to pursue well defined mentored projects that they are passionate about. Residents have used the Scholarly Activity time to write prospective clinical trials, engage in basic science laboratory based work and perform health services research. Additionally, during their Scholarly Activity time, residents have pursued Masters degrees in Clinical Research and Global Health, as well as Fellowships in Healthcare Administration.

The plan for activities during Resident Scholarly Activity time are developed in the year prior as discussions between the resident, the Residency Program Director, the Department Chair, the Director of Clinical Research, the Vice Chair for Translational and Basis Research and the Radiation Oncology Research Team. These discussions ensure that each resident has appropriate mentorship as well as the necessary resources to maximize their time and available opportunities. 

Duke Radiation Oncology Residents present their scholarly work at national and international meetings, funded by the Department. Our residents routinely have oral podium presentations at the ASTRO annual meeting, and often their work has been designated "Best of ASTRO." Additionally, accepted oral presentations, with the Program Director's prior approval, have been presented by our residents at the European Society for Radiotherapy and Oncology (ESTRO) annual meeting, as well as the ASCO annual meeting, Society for Radiation Research meetings, Society for Neuro-Oncology meetings and others.

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