Oldham Lab

Oldham Lab

Optical-ECT imaging of a whole rat lung containing fluorescent up-converting nano-particle bio-markers – Paul Yoon, PhD Student

Research Highlights

The lab pursues several avenues of research.

  • 3D and 4D Radiation Dosimetry:  We have developed a range of uniquely capable state-of-the-art 3D dosimetry systems with funding support from the National Institute of Health. These systems are currently being applied to a diverse range of challenges in both the clinical (radiation therapy) and research domains. (see link)
  • Optical-CT/ECT imaging:  The lab has pioneered novel imaging techniques of optical-computed-tomography (optical-CT), and optical-emission-computed-tomography (optical-ECT). These techniques have the potential to provide uniquely useful information on biological processes in bulk unsectioned tumor and tissue samples. (see link)
  • Radiation and Immunotherapy:  A major recent focus has been several collaborations investigating new ways to use radiation to help activate a long term immune response.  (see link)
  • 3D printing and Pre-clinical Micro-IMRT: A collaboration with The Kirsch Lab focuses on implementing a micro-IMRT capability for pre-clinical work utilizing advanced 3D printing techniques.

Feature Articles in the News

Cherenkov photo-activation enhances radiotherapy (2018)

3D Dosimetry Protocol is Compatible with MR-Guided Radiotherapy (2017)

Radiotherapy Scheme Spares Hippocampus in Rats (2017)

3D printed dosimeters aid SBRT research (2015)

Assessing micro-irradiator accuracy (2013)

Optical ECT: the complete correction (2010)

Optical-ECT: a quantitative approach (2008)

Seeing tumours in a new light (2007)

Contact Information

Mark Oldham PhD, FAAPM
Professor, Radiation Oncology,
Associate Professor Biomedical Engineering,
Track Director, Radiation Therapy, Medical Physics Graduate Program,
Duke University Medical Center,
Durham, NC
Tel 919-668-0349, mark.oldham@duke.edu