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Oldham Lab

Research Highlights

3D and 4D Radiation Dosimetry
We have developed a range of uniquely capable state-of-the-art 3D dosimetry systems with funding support from the National Institute of Health. These systems are currently being applied to a diverse range of challenges in both the clinical (radiation therapy) and research domains. Click here for more information.

Optical-CT/ECT Imaging
The lab has pioneered novel imaging techniques of optical-computed-tomography (optical-CT), and optical-emission-computed-tomography (optical-ECT). These techniques have the potential to provide uniquely useful information on biological processes in bulk unsectioned tumor and tissue samples. Click here for more information.

Radiation and Immunotherapy
A major recent focus has been several collaborations investigating new ways to use radiation to help activate a long term immune response. Click here for more information.

3D Printing and Pre-clinical Micro-IMRT
A collaboration with The Kirsch Lab focuses on implementing a micro-IMRT capability for pre-clinical work utilizing advanced 3D printing techniques.


Featured Articles In the News

Cherenkov photo-activation enhances radiotherapy (2018)

3D Dosimetry Protocol is Compatible with MR-Guided Radiotherapy (2017)

Radiotherapy Scheme Spares Hippocampus in Rats (2017)

3D printed dosimeters aid SBRT research (2015)

Assessing micro-irradiator accuracy (2013)

Optical ECT: the complete correction (2010)

Optical-ECT: a quantitative approach (2008)

Seeing tumours in a new light (2007)


Contact Information

Mark Oldham PhD, FAAPM
Professor, Radiation Oncology
Associate Professor, Biomedical Engineering
Director, Duke Medical Physics Graduate Program
Duke University Medical Center
Durham, NC
(919) 668-0349  |