Duke-Submitted Abstracts for the AAPM Annual Meeting and Exhibition

Congratulations to our faculty, staff and students who have submitted abstracts for the AAPM Annual Meeting and Exhibition.



Mehran Nik Akhtar, Yongsook C. Lee, Yongbok Kim, Jae Won Jung

Central Axis Heterogeneity Correction Factors for Three Commercially Available I-Seed Models for COMS Eye Plaques


Mehran Nik Akhtar, Yongsook C. Lee, Yongbok Kim, Jae Won Jung

Off-Axis Heterogeneity Correction Factors for Three Commercially Available I- Seed Models in the mm COMS Eye Plaque


Yang Z, Vaios E, Wang L, Zhao J, Yang Z, Reitman Z, Yin F-F, Wang C

A Deep Ensemble Learning Model for Glioblastoma Post-Resection Overall Survival Prediction Using Pre-Operative Multi-Parametric MRI


Khazaieli M, Yang Z, Cui Y, Raffi J, Mullikin T, Yin F-F, Wang C

A Deep Learning Model for VGy/V0% Prediction in Linac-Based Treatment Planning of Single-Iso-Multiple-Targets (SIMT) Stereotactic Radiosurgery


Yang Z, Lafata K, Vaios E, Hu Z, Mullikin T, Yin F-F, Wang C

Quantifying U-Net Uncertainty in Multi-Parametric MRI-Based Glioma Segmentation By Spherical Image Projection


Wang L, Vaios E, Yang Z, Zhao J, Reitman Z, Yin F-F, Wang C

A Radiogenomic Machine Learning Model for Glioblastoma Post-Resection Overall Survival Group Prediction


Zhang R, Yang Z, Ginn J, Yang Y, Yin F-F, Wang C

A Radiomics Machine Learning Model for Post-Radiotherapy Overall Survival Prediction of Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC)


Chen Y, Yang Z, Zhao J, Adamson J, Sheng Y, Yin F-F, Wang C

A Radiomics-Incorporated Neural Network Ensemble for Multi-Parametric MRI-Based Glioma Segmentation


Zhao J, Vaios E, Yang Z, Wang L, Reitman Z, Cui Y, Kirkpatrick J, Floyd S, Yin F-F, Wang C

Dose-Incorporated Deep Ensemble Learning for Improving Brain Metastasis SRS Outcome Prediction


Ke Lu, Zeyu Zhang, Lei Ren, Fang-Fang Yin

Deep learning projection interpolation for D-CBCT reconstruction


Shengle Wang, Fang-Fang Yin, Zhenyu Yang, Yunfeng Cui

Developing a Platform to Analyze the Dependence of Radiomic Features on Different CT Imaging Parameters


Sua Yoo, Rachel Blitzblau, Susan McDuff, Fang-Fang Yin, Yunfeng Cui

Dosimetric Variation in Preoperative Partial Breast Radiosurgery Assessed By Deformable Image Registrations


Suong Duong, Danny K. Lee, Michael A. Boss, Jennie SM Crosby, Yunfeng Cui, Carri K. Glide-Hurst, Taeho Kim, H Michael Gach, Heng Li, Bhudatt R. Paliwal, Khadija Sheikh, Mi Huang, Jason W. Sohn

Phantom Development for Multi-Institutional MRI-Based Radiomic Studies


Brett Erickson, Xinyi Li, Qiuwen Wu, Yaorang Ge, Yang Sheng, Jackie Wu

Can Six Models Do Better Than One Model? Investigating the Flexibility of an Artificial Intelligence Tool Through Combining Model Outputs for Head and Neck IMRT Planning


Guoqiang Cui, Fang-Fang Yin, Jun Duan 

Verification of multiple targets simultaneously for single-isocenter multiple-target SRS plans 


Guoqiang Cui, Benjamin Sramek, Fang-Fang Yin, Jun Duan 

Using the trajectory log files for patient-specific QA of IMRT/VMAT plans: Is the prime time finally coming?


Patrick Sansone, Ashlyn G. Rickard, Rico Castillo, Nerissa T. Williams, Yvonne M. Mowery, Mark Oldham

An In Vivo Pilot Study Investigating GRID Radiotherapy with an Anti-PD- Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor


Carolyn Eckrich, Anna Rodrigues, Brandon Lee, Chunhao Wang, Junzo Chino, Oana Craciunescu

Evaluation of cumulative dose distributions from external beam radiation therapy using CT-to-CBCT deformable image registration (DIR) for cervical cancer patients


L. Bloom, J. Raffi, R. Venkataraman, B. Eckroate, Y.Kim, J. Chino, D. Ayala-Peacock, O. Craciunescu

Implementation of Existing Needle Tracking Technology for Real Time TRUS-guided Interstitial Gynecological HDR Brachytherapy: A Feasibility Study


John Ginn, Fang-Fang Yin, Deshan Yang

Real-Time D Motion Modeling through Orthogonal MR Imaging and Manifold Learning


Yuan You, John Ginn, Trey Mullikin, Qing-Rong Jackie Wu, Fang-Fang Yin, Yang Sheng

Dosimetric Comparison of Automatic Treatment Planning for Multi-Focal Dynamic Conformal Arc GRID Therapy Against Various Grid Geometries for Late Stage Lung Cancer


Farnoush Forghani, John Ginn, Joshua Schiff, Tong Zhu, Luke Christian Marut, Eric Laugeman, Borna Maraghechi, Shahed Badiyan, Pamela Samson, Hyun Kim, Clifford Robinson, Geoffrey D. Hugo, Lauren Henke, Alex T. Price

Improving the Adaptive Radiotherapy Plan Quality By Pre-Planning Review Process: A Population-Based Study for Pancreas Patients


M. Sprenger, A. Lynnette Price, W. Li, D. Dunn, T. Kay, S. Mikhailov, Y. Wu, Z. Reitman, S. Floyd, M. Oldham

Testing an Organotypic In Vitro Model for FLASH RT Experiments


M. Sprenger, W. Li, S. Mikhailov, T. Kay, Y. Wu, Z. Reitman, S. Floyd, M. Oldham

Characterizing a Novel High Intensity Gamma-ray Source Linac for FLASH RT


Peixiong Li, Qiuwen Wu

Monte Carlo Investigation of Dosimetry Under Partial Transmission Blocks in Total Body Irradiation Treatment


Xiang Li, Casey C. Heirman, Ashlyn G. Rickard, Gina Sotolongo, Rico Castillo, Alex Allphin, Jeffrey Everitt, Jeff Hodgin, Tammara Watts, Andrew Janowczyk, Yi Qi, Cristian T. Badea, Yvonne M. Mowery, Laura Barisoni, Kyle J. Lafata

Using genetically engineered mouse models to develop and mechanistically validate quantitative pathomic biomarkers of immune response


Jack B. Stevens, Breylon A. Riley, Jihyeon Je, Yuan Gao, Chunhao Wang, Yvonne M. Mowery, David M. Brizel, Fang-Fang Yin, Jian-Guo Liu, Kyle J. Lafata

Dynamic radiomics: a novel, physics-based data assimilation pipeline


Casey C. Heirman, Ashlyn G. Rickard, Xiang Li, Rico Castillo, Allison Pittman, Jeffrey Everitt, Yvonne M. Mowery, Kyle J. Lafata

Dissecting pathomic drivers of treatment resistance and immune dysregulation in murine head and neck squamous cell carcinoma


Yuqi Wang, David Carpenter, Trey Mullikin, Zachary Reitman, Scott Floyd, John Kirkpatrick, Joseph Salama, Jian-Guo Liu, Mustafa R. Bashir, Kyle J. Lafata

A personalized Uncertainty Quantification framework for patient survival models: estimating individual uncertainty of patients with metastatic brain tumors in the absence of ground truth


Charlotte Read, Breylon Riley, David Carpenter, Chunhao Wang, Trey Mullikin, Zachary Reitman, Scott Floyd, John Kirkpatrick, Joseph Salama, Paul Sperduto, Kyle J. Lafata

Radiogenomics of metastatic brain cancer: investigation of multi-focal feature aggregation techniques and molecular drivers


Jin Zhou, Takaya Ozeki, Xiang Li, Andrew R. Janowczyk, Krishnendu Chakrabarty, Laura Barisoni, Jeffrey B. Hodgin, Kyle J. Lafata

Integrating multi-class deep learning segmentation and pathomic measurements of intra-arterial thickness to quantify arteriosclerosis


Breylon A. Riley, Xiang Li, Jack B. Stevens, Chunhao Wang, Zhenyu Yang, Yvonne M. Mowery, David M. Brizel, Fang-Fang Yin, Kyle J. Lafata

Prognostic value of different discretization parameters in 8F-FDG PET radiomics of oropharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma


Xu Wang, Yao Hao, Deshan Yang, Ye Duan

A Deep Learning Approach to Remove Contrast from Contrast-Enhanced CT for Proton Dose Calculation


Deshan Yang, Trevor McKeown, Hongyu An, H Michael Gach

Deep-Learning Deformable Image Registration and Simultaneous Motion Segmentation Using One-Shot Unsupervised Training


Edward Robert Criscuolo, Yabo Fu, Zhendong Zhang, Yao Hao, Deshan Yang

Development and Application of a Semi-Automated Landmark Identification Process in Lung CT Image Pairs for the Creation of a Comprehensive DIR Dataset


Zhendong Zhang, Edward Robert Criscuolo, Yao Hao, Deshan Yang

Liver Vessel Segmentation and Accurate Landmark Pairs Detection for Quantitative Liver Deformable Image Registration Verification


Xue Wu, Cihat Eldeniz, Hongyu An, H Michael Gach, Deshan Yang

A Signal Extraction-Based Approach to Reconstruct the D MR Model from the D Cine Mrs and Pmu Data


Deshan Yang, Yunlu Zhang, Hongyu An, John Ginn, H Michael Gach

Online D Motion Tracking during Magnetic Resonance Guided Radiation Therapy


Michael Enrique Garcia Alcoser, Manisha Palta, Deshan Yang

Finite Element Analysis of Respiratory Induced Abdominal Organ Motion


Trevor McKeown, Yao Hao, H Michael Gach, Hongyu An, Deshan Yang

Improvement of Semiautomatic Cardiac Chamber Segmentation Using Piecewise Smoothing


Shiyi Liu, Yao Hao, H Michael Gach, Hongyu An, Deshan Yang

Build DCT By Connecting Cardiac ECG DCT with Respiratory DCT for Heart Motion Management in Stereotactic Tachycardia Radiosurgery

42 Jun Duan, Guoqiang Cui, Fang-Fang Yin Small Field Beam Profile Measurement for SRS Commissioning Using an Ultrahigh-Resolution 2D Detector Array
43 Jafr-Tayar Shabazz, Justus Adamson, Anna E. Rodrigues, John Kirkpatrick A Monte Carlo Based Comparison of Dose to Epidermis and Dermis for Commercially Available RT Bolus Products
44 Cisternas E., Yin F-F Prostate IMRT Plan Guided by Artificial Intelligence Neuro-Fuzzy Algorithm
45 Zeyu Zhang, Mark Chen, Ke Lu, Hualiang Zhong, Zhuoran Jiang, Fang-Fang Yin, Lei Ren Hybrid virtual MRI/CBCT generation to improve liver stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT) target localization accuracy