Clinical Trials

Duke Radiation Oncology’s coordinated team approach provides patients with the most sophisticated radiotherapy treatment planning and delivery available anywhere in the world today.

From the administrative staff to your attending physician, the Radiation Oncology group wants your relationship with Duke to be as professional, courteous, and successful as possible. The Radiation Oncology Clinical Research Office combines cutting edge research with compassionate care. As a leading research institution Duke Radiation Oncology fields numerous clinical trials across all cancer sites.

The research trials conducted by our faculty include radiation therapy, radiation therapy combined with chemotherapy agents, devices, imaging studies, supportive care, quality of life, and tissue/blood sampling research.  Clinical trials are vital in the development and approval of new therapies. Ask your doctor about clinical trial options in Radiation Oncology that could be available for you.

Contact Information

Jennifer Mewshaw, MSN, NP
Assistant Research Practice Manager
Phone: (919) 668-3726

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