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Duke Residents

From left to right: Yana Zlateva, PhD; Yibo Xie, PhD; Laza Rakotondravohitra, PhD; and Thomas Cullom, MS

1st-Year Residents (2020-2022)

Thomas Cullom, MS: "It has been my pleasure to begin my residency training here at Duke. As a new resident I have benefited from the busy clinic schedule and the wide array of treatment techniques that are performed at Duke. There is always opportunity for residents to work with other physicists to explore different topics or treatments that interest them."

Yibo Xie, PhD: "I’m really enjoying my clinical training in the Duke residency program. Starting the residency during the pandemic is not easy, but I’m still getting comprehensive mentoring from dedicated physicists, dosimetrists and therapists on different clinical-relevant topics. "

2nd-Year Residents (2019-2021)

Laza Rakotondravohitra, PhD: "The Duke residency offers an outstanding clinical opportunity for future independent medical physicists. I enjoy the interactions with the all the experts in cancer care. The mentorship and supervision are from physicists with diverse expertise and with many years of experience, as well as from younger experts keen to recent technology. Above all, the residents are encouraged to always interact with patients that we are caring for, participating in the treatment course from beginning to end.”

Yana Zlateva, PhD: “I feel very fortunate to be completing my residency at Duke. The training is comprehensive and of high quality, there are many research opportunities and Duke people are happy, friendly and extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Moreover, Durham, NC, is a beautiful, diverse city with interesting culture and history. I have very much enjoyed my time here and I am confident this experience is preparing me for both clinical and research success.”